• Mastering communication (e-book)
  • Orchestrating criticism (short film about this strategy)
  • The story of the starfish and of the hummingbird, my vision and purpose.
  • Interviews with me by Bo Dimetrescu (Dutch Association NLP)
  • Reflections and future developments of NLP (e-book of the NLP leadership summit  by Joe Cheal)
  • Interview with Judith Delozier and Robert Dilts
  • The inner smile (verbatim of a guided internal process)

Mastering communication. Into the wisdom of metaprograms

into the wisdom of metaprograms

The English version of this book on metaprograms can be purchased as an e-book for $ 15 (VAT/BTW excluded). Please send me an email:
In cooperation with Annie Chong, EMR academy in Malaysia, this book is also translated in Chinese. You can mail her for more information at

In communication we are generally focused on the content of what someone says. The significance of communication however is highly influenced by the form. In that form we recognize patterns that ‘give away’ the way somebody perceives, thinks and acts. These patterns are called metaprograms.  read more about content and testimonials:

Orchestrating criticism

A strategy designed by Anneke Durlinger. Criticism is a request: ‘Please fulfil my criterion.’
Criticism is meant to increase the quality of the solution and/or to increase the congruency/alignment of the person. In this short film I show you how to transform ‘opponents’ into a ‘supporter’ and discover they are a ‘fellow-thinker’.

The story of the starfishes and the little hummingbird

For this one it does make a difference.
I am doing my part.

These have been my leading motifs in my life and work. I think this helps me to lead a life worthwhile, helping others as well as myself. This is been beautifully expressed in the metaphor of the starfishes and that of the little hummingbird.

The starfishes
On a long beach numerous starfishes are laying on the sand.
If they do not reach the sea on time they will die.
A man is carefully picking up a little starfish and brings it back to the sea.

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Want to know more about me?

I was interviewed by Bo Demetrescu, Dutch Association NLP (NVNLP) on the subject of NLP, you find shorts film (5 minutes) on youtube.

Remarkable experiences with NLP

The style of Anneke Durlinger

Ambitions to train trainers

The future of NLP

Reflections and Future Developments of NLP

Free download

Imagine twenty-nine NLP ‘elders’ from across the world coming together to talk…

To talk about NLP and its future…
To talk about their hopes and visions as to what NLP can become… To talk about what happens next.

Imagine no international borders. Imagine helpfulness instead of hierarchy, Imagine playfulness instead of posturing and participation instead of positioning.

Welcome to the 2016 Leadership Summit ‘Colloquium’.

Joe Cheal

Interview with Judith Dleozier and Robert Dilts

On initiative of Steven Payne I interviewed Judith Delozier and Robert Dilts on NLP: past, present and future. In that summer of 2012 I (Anneke Durlinger) was guest faculty member of NLPU to teach on the subject of metaprograms.

Watch the Interview 

 The inner smile

In experiencing chi gong I found the Inner smile to be an extra-ordinary process to purify your energy.
This internal guided process is a verbatim derived from the tape that was produced by Richard Bolstadt and Margot Hamblett. (This audio-tape is renewed by Richard Bolstadt and Julia Kurusheva at
You can download the verbatim here.
Happy smiling 🙂